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Breaking it down: What does "interdisciplinary" mean?

Wellest is the only interdisciplinary premier pelvic health clinic in Boston - and we are proud of it!

But what does interdisciplinary mean??

Interdisciplinary care is the integration of different healthcare disciplines to provide comprehensive care. Translation: multiple professionals with various backgrounds and trainings, working together to provide care for their patients.

At Wellest, the collaboration between our pelvic floor therapists and our nurse practitioner plays a crucial role in providing the best care to our patients. Having an NP on our staff is critical for our patients who have additional unaddressed components affecting their pelvic floor such as hormonal imbalances.

Our NP, Kathy, is able to prescribe medications. While pelvic floor physical therapy is often enough to experience relief, some of our patients benefit from the addition of a medication.

We are so lucky to have such a talented team of practitioners ready to support you and help you discover the pain-free life you deserve!


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