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You gotta try them!

Our Favorite Products

Over the years we have tried A LOT of products - both with our patients and personally ourselves. Below is a list of our favorites, along with some discount codes for you.

Our favorite products
8 sheep lotion

Magnesium is a mineral our bodies need that can be absorbed through our skin! Magnesium has many health benefits, including reducing muscle cramping. Great for the neck, low back, inner thighs and calves - but use it anywhere you’re feeling tight.

Use this link or code MELISSA53039 for $5 off

julva vaginal moisturizer

We love this vaginal moisturizer! 

Use IPH10 for 10% off or order from


nip gloss

kozēkozē is a female-founded company creating innovative, mess-free, non-toxic products. Our favorite: nip gloss! This balm is great for breastfeeding mamas.


Use link or code WELLESTHEALTH for 15% off

breast massager

LaVie has great products to support nursing and breastfeeding! Our favorite: the breast massager!

Use code WELLEST10 for 10% off or order from Amazon

LMNT electrolytes

Staying hydrated is always important, but especially in this postpartum period and with breastfeeding! Electrolytes help a person better absorb the water they are intaking and can be very helpful with managing constipation postpartum. LMNT packages include sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

Use this link for discount or order from Amazon: sample pack, variety pack, raspberry, chocolate, orange, unflavored

gut vitamins

We love Gut Personal for vitamins and supplements!

Use this link or WELLESTHEALTH for 10% off, or order from Amazon: magnesium, gut health

fullwell vitamins

Fertility and pregnancy vitamins and supplements

Use code WELLEST10 for a discount or order from Amazon

perineal massager

We love this perineal massager to help prepare the perineum for childbirth.

Use code WELLEST10 for 10% off or order from Amazon

period company underwear

Our favorite period underwear!


Use PLANNEDPERIOD for 50% off products over $12. Use this code again and again - not just first orders! You can also order from Amazon.

baby booty community

Baby Booty is a community for parents that fosters mental, emotional & physical strength through exercise, support, and socialization for parents & their babies/toddlers.

Use HEYIMNEW for a free fitness class!

pelvic pain dilators

Relieve pelvic pain with Intimate Rose's dilators and pelvic wands. 

Use this link or code MELISSA4 for $5 off or order from Amazon: pelvic wand, small dilators, large dilators

bonafide health supplements

Women's health supplements, providing relief from vaginal dryness, menopausal symptoms, and more.


Use code BONAFIDEHCP for 25% off your first subscription, or order from Amazon: PMS relief, vaginal dryness, menopause relief 

bidets and stools

Modern bidets, stools, and more!

Use NUMBERTWO for 20% off or order from Amazon

maternity support brace

These maternity support braces are SO helpful during pregnancy! Bonus: ice/heat packs included!

Use WELLESTHEALTH for 15% off

labial balm

From pelvic health to skin care to mom & baby care, we love Damiva's water-free and chemical-free products!

Use this link or MELISSAHANES for 50% off. Yes, the code has the typo in Melissa's last name;)

maude sexual health

Maude offers a variety of sexual health products, from devices to body care products. 

Use WELLEST5 for $5 off or order from Amazon

squatty potty

We ALWAYS recommend  you use a toilet stool for better alignment and to reduce strain while sitting on the toilet.

Use HC-WELLEST20 for 20% off or order from Amazon

ohnut rings

Use Ohnut rings to adjust when penetration feels too deep. They offer other sexual health products, too!

Use STRETCHY for 15% off

aima cbd vaginal suppositories

Try these CBD vaginal suppositories for relief of menstrual symptoms.

Use AIMA101 for a discount

vmagic balm.png

Their VMagic Vulva balm is organic, hormone-free, and so helpful in relieving dryness and irritation!

Use link or MELISSA15 for 15% off or order from Amazon

Some of the links are affiliate links where we earn a small commission based on clicks and/or purchases. We only promote products we love for ourselves and our patients!

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