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Here at Wellest, we prioritize our staff with regular mentorship, interdisciplinary collaboration with physical therapists and nurse practitioners, 1:1 sessions, hour-length appointments, and simple documentation because we don’t have insurance dictating our care.


Wellest was founded on the simple belief that we should be providing the best possible care to our patients. This means having the time, being creative with our plan of care, and not having insurance get in the way of this. Because of this environment, we reduce burn out risk as well. 


You’ll have time (an hour) with your patients to actually connect. Unlike the PT world, we remember our patients because we are not seeing 15+ in a day. We are able to establish relationships and really get to the root cause of the issues. We prioritize mentorship so you’ll feel confident and not overwhelmed. With a nurse practitioner on our team, we collaborate with team meetings and offer extra services and support to our patients while also learning about these amazing tools that can make a huge difference in patient care and outcomes. 


Our patients seek us out, so you’ll work with motivated, fun clients. And insurance will never dictate our care. In the end, getting back to why we went to PT school - to focus on providing the best care and truly help people. 


Another plus - we can treat holistically. Everything is connected and at Wellest we are able to provide a whole-body approach because we have the time and knowledge to know that a pelvic floor condition is not just a pelvic floor condition! 


  • Hour-long sessions to connect, remember, and care for your patients

  • Reduced documentation time (2-3 min per visit) so you can focus on what you love…patient care! 

  • Mentorship program

  • Weekly team meetings including opportunities to observe the other pelvic health clinicians and nurse practitioner’s procedures 

  • Incredible team of awesome pelvic floor therapists…we are tight-knit! 

  • Annual trips, retreats, and events!

  • Flexible hours

  • Opportunities for growth and leadership in pelvic health


Senior Physical Therapist
  • 5+ years in pelvic health

  • management experience preferred

Junior Physical Therapist
  • Need a passion for pelvic health

  • New grads or new to pelvic health are welcome to apply!

If you would like to join our team - we would love to connect with you!


Please send a resume and cover letter to! Even if you’re not 100% sure or are still in school, we would love to hear from you!

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