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What to expect at a prenatal and postpartum pelvic PT visit

During the pregnancy and postpartum period, it is so important to have a pelvic PT you know and trust to work with! Here is what to expect to at an appointment during pregnancy and postpartum:


During pregnancy, there are tons of changes happening in the body! Hormones are being released to help prepare the body for birth and for growing another human. Ligaments that are normally used for stability around your joints become lax and this can sometimes lead to pain in the hips, pelvis, or low back. Depending on the position of the baby and stage of pregnancy, there may be increased pressure on the bladder causing trouble fully emptying the bladder or giving you the feeling of having to pee all the time. As the pregnancy gets closer to the third trimester, the abdominal muscles will begin to overstretch and weaken, causing the lower back muscles to overwork and feel tight.

When should I come in?

Pelvic PT can help to manage these common aches and pains and give you tips on how to optimize your daily functioning as your pregnancy progresses. We typically like to see our patients during the second trimester when some of these things begin to pop up. If everything is going well and you aren’t having any issues, then we like to start birth prep visits around 34-35 weeks.

What happens at pregnancy and birth prep visits?

At a minimum, we will thoroughly review your medical history and assess your posture, movement patterns, and pelvic floor tone, and strength. Towards the end of pregnancy, we will teach you how to relax your pelvic floor muscles and perform techniques like perineal massage to help with a smooth birth process. We will also provide education on optimal movement patterns and exercise to avoid injury. At one of your last sessions, we invite your partner to come in and learn some pain management techniques to keep you feeling calm and relaxed during your birth.


Do I have to wait until 6 weeks postpartum to schedule a follow-up appointment?

At Wellest, we love to support our patients throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period. We offer 30-minute virtual sessions during the first few postpartum weeks to answer any questions or concerns that may arise following the birth.

We like to see patients in person around 5-7 weeks postpartum to reassess your pelvic floor and/or your C-section scar. We will reassess your pelvic floor and core strength, check on the mobility of any new scars you may have, and get you on a safe path to resume any activities or exercises that you were doing previously.

How long do you see patients during the postpartum period?

This typically depends on the patient’s previous history and how the birth process went. In many cases, we will see patients one time per week for 6-12 weeks. Of course, each case is different! Generally, it takes about this period of time to retrain and strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles.

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