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Local Prenatal/Postpartum exercise programs

by Dana Solomon, OT

This post is for all of our soon-to-be and new mamas out there! So you made it through the exhausting first trimester and now you have more energy and are ready to re-establish a movement practice that keeps your body strong during this pivotal time.

Amazing! We love prenatal fitness and wanted to share some of Wellest’s favorite in person and virtual prenatal and postpartum classes/programs where the instructors are local to Boston.

Typically these programs or classes are organized through in-person or virtual platforms. Both can be great. We wanted to provide some pro’s and con’s to pre/post natal exercise classes to help you make the most informed decision and then our favorite exercise programs.



  • Able to join programs that may not be local or easily accessible if you live in a rural area

  • Doesn’t have to deal with transportation, baby, other children

  • Often recorded and can do at your own time and pace (pauses, rewinds, etc)

  • Done in the comfort of your home


  • Connecting with people in similar circumstances in your community

  • Good reason to leave your home and do something for you

  • Professional can see in real life what your movement patterns are, provide feedback to help optimize recovery, and address any needs you have

  • Accountability of others in the room with you

  • The group leader or participants may be knowledgeable on other local resources and recommendations



  • Regardless of how high tech your screen is it’s hard for the coach/professional to truly see everything going on on everyone

  • No hands-on feedback from the professional

  • Distractibility

  • Less of a community/social experience, easier to opt out of participation


  • Takes planning and organization to leave the house and arrive on time

  • Potential risk of exposure to colds and viruses

  • Scheduled class that may require advanced notice

  • Less flexibility in timing/scheduling

Our recommendation is to be in-person when possible. There are certainly benefits to online platforms and we love them as options! However, nothing beats a professional being able to see your form in real life and in-person connection with others.


Down Under Yoga – in-person and livestream yoga

OMbirths – virtual prenatal yoga

Coolidge Yoga - in-person prenatal yoga classes

Rooted Boston– virtual prenatal yoga & pilates 1:1 sessions or self-paced classes

Kara Duval Pilates: self-paced online platform

For all those new moms ready to return to exercise, we recommend getting the clearance for exercise at your 6-8 week OB/midwife check-up before attending classes that are not individually curated to your needs.


Strong Stroller Mamas - in-person interval style strength training focused on returning to movement and good body mechanics for those 6+weeks postpartum

  • Return to Sport – an in-person 4-week series run by Strong Stroller Mamas starting this fall for 12+week postpartum people looking to return to their pre-baby higher impact exercise they love. Location in the South End. Click link here for more details

Movin’ Mamas – self-paced online return to running program

Kara Duval Pilates: self-paced online platform

Stacey Shaedler Weight Training - online fitness and nutrition coaching/memberships

Core Method by Katie Breard - online 12-week membership with live and recorded classes

While it’s tough to strike that perfect balance of flexibility, scheduling, programming, and sense of community, we hope this helps to get you started on the in-person and virtual options out there.


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