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Boston’s Specialty Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Clinic

Addressing the root cause for lasting relief

You are in the right place. We understand. We’re here to help you find a solution for your pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum, bowel, urinary, sexual, or other pelvic health concerns with expert level and highly specialized pelvic floor therapy.


For 8 years, we have been the leaders in pelvic health. Wellest is the only interdisciplinary premier pelvic health clinic in Boston specializing in: 


Pelvic Pain / Pregnancy Care / Postpartum Issues / Urinary Issues / Men’s Health / Low Back Pain / Hip Pain / LGBTQIA+ Care / Cancer Care / Hypermobility Disorders / Menopausal Hormone Therapy / Low Libido Care for Women / Infants / Pediatrics / Integrative Nutrition / Gyrotonic Movement


With the ability to work one-on-one with our patients for 60 minute appointments, we are able to focus on the whole body. Whether you are coming in for constipation, pelvic pain, shoulder pain, cancer care, preventative or labor prep during pregnancy, or postpartum rehab, we understand each and everyone one of you.


Give us a call and speak to a real human and get back to living the full and meaningful life you truly love without your pelvic floor issues.

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What We Treat

At Wellest, we specialize in the evaluation & treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction for all genders. We believe in assessing the WHOLE person and getting to the root cause of your symptoms. Common issues we treat through pelvic floor physical therapy include: ​​

  • Pelvic Pain Conditions

  • Urinary Symptoms

  • Gut & Bowel Health

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Care

  • Birth Preparation & Push Prep

  • Orthopedic Pelvic Pain

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Core or Pelvic Issues

  • Male Pelvic Health

Every person is different. We don’t just hook you up to a machine and ask you to do Kegels. We tailor your treatment to your situation, your goals, and your body. You’ll work 1:1 with a true pelvic specialist and will never be shuffled off to  a PT aide. Expert care from a specialist who has dedicated her entire career to pelvic health. 

We uncover the root cause or reason your symptoms are there in the first place. It is simply not enough to say your pelvic floor or core is just weak or tight. To have the lasting relief you deserve, we need to investigate why the symptoms are there in the first place and address them through our specialized treatment plan we create WITH you.

We create our treatments to be meaningful for your daily tasks and your goals. We don’t just have you lie down and do Kegels! At Wellest we specialize exclusively in pelvic health instead of being an ‘add-on’ or afterthought.

Your session will be in a private treatment room that is only for pelvic floor physical therapy. You will never be treated in a large gym space! When you book your discovery call, you’ll speak to one of our lovely team members! Meet our team!

New to Wellest?

Kind Words

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"It takes a special type of health practitioner to be able to make one feel emotionally and physically comfortable during a pelvic floor physical therapy session. What seems like it could be an extremely awkward appointment, surprisingly feels like hanging out and chatting with a trusted friend. Wellest’s knowledge and care are life-changing. I’ve had vulvodynia since I was a pre-teen and unfortunately, painful intercourse was my only experience. This is no way to live!  With regular visits and a commitment to recommended exercises between appointments, the pain has decreased significantly. I'm so grateful to have found Wellest. They receive my highest praise as a physical therapist, a healer, and a human!"

- Mary

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