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Dilators: A Small Tool that has a Big Impact on your Pelvic Health!

Do you have pelvic pain? Do you experience pain when inserting a tampon, during pelvic exams, or during sexual intercourse? Dilators might help! Keep reading to learn what dilators are and how they can help you.

What are dilators?

Dilators are tools that are used to gently stretch your pelvic floor muscles. We LOVE the Intimate Rose dilators* because they are made of medical grade silicone, are flexible, and are therefore more realistic - compared to plastic or glass dilators, which we rarely recommend!

Why are dilators helpful?

Your pelvic floor muscles can be hard to reach; you can't use a foam roller like you could for other areas of your body! Dilators can help stretch your pelvic floor muscles in a gentle, controlled way.

How to use dilators

We recommend our patients start with desensitizing the area. Using very gentle pressure, place the dilator on the inner thigh, working your way closer to the vaginal opening. This may feel uncomfortable, but should NEVER feel painful! With time, you should feel more comfortable partially inserting the dilator and eventually fully inserting it.

Intimate Rose dilators come in various sizes (and colors!) so you can start small and gradually work your way up. Aim for about 5 minutes, but no more than 10/15 minutes per session. Just like other muscles in your body, your pelvic floor muscles can become overstretched! Ouch!

How we can help

To help our patients feel more comfortable using dilators, we suggest they bring them to their appointment! Together we can walk you through what you would do at home, make suggestions of various locations/positions to try, and answer any of your questions.

*Use this link for $5 off your order!


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