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Leak free 2023!

Are you tired of peeing your pants when you sneeze, cough or exercise? Maybe you’ve been ignoring it because it’s only a few drops and all of your friends say it’s just what happens after you’ve had a baby. Well, we are here to tell you that it’s absolutely NOT normal to pee your pants, EVER!

Urinary leakage or incontinence is one of the most common types of pelvic floor dysfunction we see during pregnancy and postpartum. But wait, don’t start doing your kegels just yet! First, get assessed by a pelvic floor specialist to determine what’s causing your leakage.

Contrary to popular belief, strengthening is not always first on the list when it comes to treating incontinence (and can sometimes even make it worse). Weak muscles are not always to blame for peeing your pants- tension or tightness in your pelvic floor muscles can also certainly be the culprit or part of the problem.

So how will your pelvic floor specialist know what will improve your symptoms? At Wellest, we take a holistic approach by assessing your body posture and movement patterns from head to toe because your pelvic floor doesn’t just float in space! We will combine manual therapy techniques with an individualized program tailored to your goals, whether that be returning to running or simply sneezing without crossing your legs.

To learn more about our pregnancy and postpartum offerings, email for details.


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