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Wellest Health Pelvic Floor PT W
  • Wellest is now offering HIPAA-compliant telehealth digital appointments to our patients. Unique interdisciplinary team of Physical Therapist and Nurse Practitioner to help! Wellest providers believe that each patient needs a unique care plan (not generalization of care). Email coaching to assist with advising of wellness professionals to guide in optimization of your personal plan of care, provide expert opinion about different workout plans, coordinate efforts with other wellness providers, and pre-arranged times for review of exercises by video call.

  • We also provide mentoring  to other wellness providers looking for guidance with their current clients or providers simply wanting to learn more about our field.

  • Through the digital appointments, we are able to take advantage of your home lifestyle and how you use your body in the home that may negatively impact your rehab. 

    • Review of spinning babies principles with you and your partner to promote optimal pelvic balance and room in pelvis for labor prep

    • Proper body mechanics and adjustments with nursing, picking up child, baby wearing, carrying, changing diapers, and lifting out of crib/floor

    • Diastasis Recti exercise progression/modification

    • Work-station set up and modifications

  • Review of home exercises or personal training routine to ensure proper form


15 Minute Digital Consultation ($50)

30 Minute Digital Consultation($100) 

60 Minute Digital Consultation ($200)

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