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Virtual Courses

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Wellest Health Pelvic Floor PT W

Postpartum Uncovered

Starting Friday 4/10 at 11am through 5/1

Dr. Rachel Benjamin, pelvic floor specialist will be leading this 4 class mini series. Postpartum is hard and especially during isolation. We are here for you. Bring your baby to class and discuss with Rachel how to heal your postpartum body to prevent issues down the road. Once you sign up, you will have full access to Rachel and will meet other postpartum women who are in your same shoes. There will be 3-4 people in the class so you will continue to get the customized care equivalent to in office treatments. 

In each 60 minute class you will have a better understanding of your body and you will feel more confident. 

  • Wellest’s diastasis recti (abdominal separation) protocol to “close the gap” and prevent low back pain or issues down the road

  • Progression of core activation where we are helping you to find your transverse abdominus and re-train your brain and core to work together so you can safely get back to the exercise you love

  • Kegels! Should you do them? Practices to best rehab your pelvic floor and resume sex without fear

  • Breastfeeding and how that impacts the integrity of your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal tissues...we can help!

  • Breastfeeding positioning to prevent back pain

  • Self trigger point release to release upper back tension from breastfeeding

  • Ergonomics of getting baby in and out of crib/bassinet


Cost is $400. Please inquire about insurance reimbursement.

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