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C-Section Recovery Tips

c-section recovery
C-section recovery

Without specific post-operative guidelines, you may be wondering how to heal your cesarean scar. Healing your cesarean scar early can prevent future issues such as back pain, c-section scar pain, and pain with sex. But also, it’s never too late to start connecting to, desensitizing, and working towards massaging your scar - even years and decades later.

This can help you both physically and emotionally heal.

Weeks 0-2


  • Just start by looking. After a shower or bath, look at your scar in the mirror.

  • Gently brush over your scar with a towel.

  • Place your hand in front of your belly and take a big breath, letting your scar meet your hand.

Scar Desensitization: helps to bring awareness and sensation back towards the incision site.

  • Use different fabrics of various textures AROUND the scar.

Weeks 3-5

Desensitization of the incision (if healed) - can use different fabrics with various textures like blankets, clean makeup brushes/sponges, etc., around and along the incision. If the incision is not quite healed, can do this work AROUND rather than ON.

Massage/Mobilization: help the tissue regain ability to glide, expand, and transmit forces effectively. Massage AROUND the scar: above and below (massaging even above the belly button can be beneficial).

-circular massage

-smudging massage (as if you were smudging ink)

-vertical massage (up and down motions)

Week 6 (OBGYN check-up)-12

Scar Massage ON the scar

Start rehab movement program after clearance from provider

movement should start with floor-based movements - reconnecting to your core and gradually progress towards more rotation and stabilization.

Working with a pelvic floor therapist can help with cesarean recovery and improve issues from a delivery years ago. Schedule your evaluation at Wellest to get started!

Written By: Dana Solomon, OT


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