“A truly amazing person”

"Beside being a truly amazing person, Melissa is also the best PT I have ever had (and I have had quite a few). My problems ranged from hip, shoulder and lower back pain to post-partum pelvic floor weakness and pain. Coming from Europe where pelvic floor rehab after pregnancy is very common, I decided to find a pelvic floor specialist to help me heal and regain strength. I started working with Melissa whose intuition, knowledge and experience exceeded my expectations. As I got pregnant again just five months after I had my first baby, Melissa was key in making sure I had a second healthy pregnancy and that my body bounced back quickly after those back-to-back pregnancies. She did an amazing job and got me back to health in no time. I highly recommend her!" --Alienor, Washington DC


"Literally redefined what it means to live with pain.  Redefining in the sense she was able to literally remove my back pain, where no narcotic medication or epidural shot could!  I went to Melissa for a while prior to having back surgery.  The surgery was imminent considering I had bone on bone in my L4 and L5 Lumbar Disc.  The doctor at GW Medical literally said I should not be able to walk!  Literally the day of him telling me this I went to Melissa and left pain free for a number of days!  This to me, was a miracle.  As was all her treatments.  You want to feel better, live without pain, listen to this modern day miracle worker.  She is amazing."  Patrick, Washington, DC. 


“Melissa is a life-changer”

"Melissa is a life-changer. When I was diagnosed with severe vaginismus at age 17, I thought it was a death sentence. For a year, I tried a home therapy approach with no improvement in my condition. I came to Melissa at age 19 with no hope at all. Melissa changed that. She immediately eased my fears and made it clear to me that I was going to overcome vaginismus, no matter how long it took. Her calmness, determination, warmth and compassion made it easy for me to relax. It was the first time I truly believed that I was going to overcome vaginismus. And she was right - in only two months I was done with vaginismus. I cannot recommend Melissa enough." -Jenna, Washington DC


“following her intelligence and intuition and her knowledge of how the body responds to pain and sickness.”

"What stood out to me most in working with Melissa was how well she understood pain—not just the sight where damage occurs but the body’s coordinated response to long-term pain—and yet how little afraid of it she was, and how willing she was to wade right in and help rescue a patient from the dysfunction of extreme and chronic pain.

When Melissa first started working on me, I was quite ill—only a few months out of the last of several years of surgeries that had attempted to remove very deep endometriosis which had grown deeply enough my body entered the dying process from organ failure. Although the final surgery I had before becoming Melissa’s patient did successfully remove the disease and save my life, I had a very long road back—regrowing nerves, restoring neurological and physical function, and trying to loosen muscles that had spasmed so tightly from pain I struggled with everything: walking, sitting, standing, eating, elimination. After a year of seeing Melissa every two to three weeks, I can now walk, work a full day, do fairly intense yoga; I have also gained 40 pounds, my body regained the ability to build muscle, and the function of my bladder and intestines have significantly improved. Most wonderfully, I am able to do things like take a vacation with my husband, have Christmas with my large and growing extended family, and go out with friends—activities that I have been too sick to engage in for a very long time.

From the beginning, Melissa had a much better understanding of how sick I was than I did, and of what my body needed to recover. She always encouraged me to do, or more often not to do, things, but never bossed or shamed me. She patiently moved my body forward, and dealt serenely with the times when I had sent my body backwards. As my recovery became more complex by revealing other health issues that had been hidden, Melissa kept adjusting, following the intelligence of her intuition and her knowledge of how the body responds to pain and sickness to make sure she was figuring out the best way to move me forward, both to challenge my body as much as it could take and to support my body in adjusting to the challenge of healing.

The last surgery I had saved my life, but surgery can only do so much, particularly when the body has been very damaged; Melissa taught my body how to live again, through the manual process of her physical therapy, re-teaching my body connections it had lost and removing barriers it had erected." Kristin, Washington, DC