GYROTONIC® is a unique movement method that incorporates simultaneous lengthening and strengthening of muscles. It helps to stimulate circulation and improve joint mobility and coordination. It includes spiraling, circular movements in rhythmical patterns which makes it feel more like dancing, swimming, yoga, and Tai Chi. Most conventional strengthening regimens are more linear or isolate that do not include functional everyday movements. As humans, we do not move in a single plane, so it is important to do strengthening and exercise in more circular patterns. The whole idea of GYROTONIC® is to strengthen/stabilize muscles while lengthening the muscles and allowing the joint to move through the natural range of motion without compressing the joint. 

Specialized GYROTONIC® Equipment:

The GYROTONIC® expansion system is a pulley tower that provides smooth, even support and resistance. There is an adjustable bench and rotating handle unit that be adjusted to fit individual body types. The GYROTONIC® tower supports the natural range of motion of joints and allows for functional three dimensional movement.